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Product items Multi-layer/High Frequency Board/Aluminum substrate/Copper substrate/Double-sided board
common material FR4/CEM3/High Frequency board with different εr(both domestic and oveseas suppliers), and other metal material.
Board thickness
inner core thickness 0.15-1.5 mm, finished baord thickness: 0.20-5.0 mm
Copper thickness 1/3 OZ-5 OZ
max working panel 600*800㎜
min finished size 3*10㎜
min hole size 0.2㎜/8mil
min line width 0.075 ㎜/3mil
min line space 0.1mm/4mil
solder mask LPI
Outer fabrication tolerance +/-0.1mm
Surface treatment HASL,ENIG,OSP,Selective hard gold,Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
Inner Registration tolerance ±0.05㎜
lead time prototype 3-7 days; mass production 8-15 days

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